I Can Haz Large Hadron Collider?

Images by Spencer Strickland at Four Down and Jed Freeman at WatchOur.com
Presented by Sean Pangia at Red Cent

i can haz large hadron collider? oh nos turn it off go 

oh hai! im just collidin subatomik particlez!11!

Ceiling cat is observing you accelerate.

Basement cat is in ur LHC makin' black holes

Halp! I's in ur uhvent hurizon!

button-down cat has fooled ur scientists. world domination 

cat tank is in ur cern command center. crushin ur physicists.

kitteh and anti-kitteh coexist for 2.353 X 10-9 seconds

Future cat: Oh hai! Helmet guy: Oh shit!

Particle physics give me a hadron











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